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Adjusting to the New Normal in Business

Flexibility in business is important these days as the business landscape is increasingly unpredictable. During this pandemic, a lot of businesses had to shift their business strategy to accommodate the needs of the consumers as well as the changing needs of the business itself. To stay in the industry, responsible business owners need to learn

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Setting Up a Startup Business in Dubai

Those who are looking to enter the market in the Middle East can consider Dubai as a good place to set up their company. Many businesses go to Dubai since the emirate does not impose corporate income tax for most businesses. This encouraged not only big companies, but startups as well to open up an

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The Hurdles of Managing the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

The world post-pandemic will be entirely different from the world we’ve had before it. Unfortunately, the disease has changed the way we do our daily activities. Because of the high transmission rate of the virus, normal human activities became limited. Compared to the normal flu, the virus has a high fatality rate. While the true nature of

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Keeping Your Team Motivated and Inspired in Difficult Times

A business without an organized and reliable team is one that’s bound to fail. As they say, employees are like a cog in a working machine. Without them, the business won’t work as efficiently or as effectively. This is why it’s important, especially in uncertain times like these, to give your team the motivation and

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Growth and Expansion: Take Your SME to the Next Level

There are countless strategies for business growth. However, finding the right ones that are in line with your company values and brand requires research and an in-depth understanding of what you want your SME to become. Scaling a business is hard and will require as much effort on your part as starting your business. The

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Shape Up: Prepositioning Your Business for Post-COVID-19 Success

It’s not hard for any business to give up these days. After all, you have arguably the most destructive enemy in modern times facing you: a scourge of humanity that has taken over a million lives worldwide. You can easily sit idly and let everything fall apart. Nobody will blame you for doing so. In


Rental Management Strategies for Beginners

Having a rental property is a good investment. Many of those who have taken this route in real estate investing have amassed considerable wealth. Like any other type of investment, though, this type of business comes with risks and downsides. Rental property investments are usually expensive, and buyers will have to prepare at least 20%


Beyond Fast-food Chains: The History of the Restaurant Industry in the U.S.

Dining out is one of the most favorite pastimes in the American food culture. Restaurant dining has become a common experience to relish a variety of meals and flavors. What began as fine dining establishments for the wealthy transformed into hundreds of fast food chains and casual family dining establishments. Along with its continued patronage, restaurants

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How You Can Make Social Responsibility the Core of Your Business

A great product is no longer enough to win a customer’s approval. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly crucial for a business to have a socially conscious identity, whether it is backing up a movement like Black Lives Matter, protecting animals’ rights, or supporting climate change campaigns. Why does it matter? Modern consumers, employees, and shareholders

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Trends that Will Push Small Business Enterprises This Year

It is an understatement that COVID-19 has been a game-changer for small businesses across the country. Supply chain disruption, financial constraints, and other limitations of the pandemic forced many small businesses to develop innovative solutions to keep afloat. Though vaccines are already available, the supply is still limited, and COVID-19 will continue to influence small

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