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Developing Technology for Sustainability in the Construction Sector

Construction technology has evolved through the years. Along with the trends in culture, trends in the construction industry have learned to adapt to the communities’ needs. The idea of sustainability has grown and developed into a movement over the past years. Likewise, some sectors in this industry have been exploring the idea of sustainable construction

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Going Green: Making Your Workplace More Sustainable

Introduction For centuries, countries have been using fossil fuels to power vehicles, industrial equipment and produce electricity. However, the use of fossil fuels and industrial byproducts have taken a toll on the environment. Research findings have suggested that the industrial sector has produced tons of waste that has affected much of the environment. Fortunately, there has

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Workplace Upgrades: Creating the Perfect Huddle Room

Better and more functional modern workspaces are essential regardless of what industry you’re in. One of the popular trends in today’s corporate setup is a huddle room. These spaces are typically utilized for quick team meetings or last-minute working sessions. But besides providing the needed physical space, huddle rooms also play a role in improving

Digital Marketing: How to Grow Your Small Business

It’s one thing to launch your startup; it’s another to grow your small business. But how do you go about doing so? Unfortunately, the global pandemic has affected many companies worldwide, and small businesses are the most vulnerable. The good news, though, is that there are ways for businesses to get by amid the pandemic.


Office Design Trends in 2021: All You Need to Know

When we wrote about workplace design trends in the previous years, we focused on improved staff well-being and performance. Influenced by the modern working world initiative, we emphasized that businesses cannot afford to leave any of these to chance if they wish to create a climate of happiness. And science backs up this claim. Staff

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Reputation Management: How to Increase Your Brand’s Engagement and Reach

A company’s reputation is significant to its success because it speaks volumes about the company’s performance and customer satisfaction. There are many ways for businesses to enhance their reputations, like having good customer service, being transparent about their products and services, and maintaining a healthy environment for their employees. A company’s reputation serves as the

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Starting a Business and Exploring Your Options

 Wanting to be an entrepreneur is easy but becoming one can be hard. In many ways knowing that there are numerous business areas to explore can feel overwhelming. The trick is to find a business that you are passionate about and enjoy. Building a business is hard work and you will have many long nights

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What Can Boost a Small Business? Here’s What to Know

Each business has a common goal: to achieve success. Success in a company is measured in different ways. One of the most critical indicators of success is how much profit one gains in a business. Customer satisfaction comes next. Another important indicator is the happiness of the entrepreneur themselves. Once an entrepreneur is satisfied with


Hops, Keezer, and Kegerator: How to Set Up a Homebrew

Craft beer production is probably one of the most successful industries today. According to IBISWorld, it grew by over 300 percent since 2005, while employment increased by threefold. The COVID-19 pandemic surely hit it when bars and restaurants had to shut down temporarily (and, for others, unfortunately, permanently). Sales volume for craft beers declined by

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Things to Do When You Can’t Keep Up With Your Digital Marketing Needs

In the digital world that we live in these days, businesses thrive when they have a strong online presence. Even mom-and-pop shops nowadays have social media pages, and some of the more ambitious ones put up their own website. In short, maintaining an online presence is crucial in the modern business world, and this is

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