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VoIP System: Affordable Yet Reliable

Communication is part of our daily lives. It’s essential in all of our everyday functions and activities, whether corporate or personal. In line with that, it’s highly important for households to ensure effective communication by utilizing a high-quality telephone system. A significant number of web resources claim that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are

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5 Things to Look for in an IT Support Company

In a perfect world, there would be no bogged-down systems, no data breach, no lagging computers, and no information corrupted. Although your business operations—no matter what business you are currently in—is not directly operated by the IT department, your information tech guys are the ones responsible for the flow of information exchange among different departments

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Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts with These Useful Tips

Digital marketing is now the gold standard when it comes to marketing. It reaches more people than other forms of marketing. It can connect your company with more people. Working with an online marketing agency in Bromley and other places can have you create a digital marketing campaign that will be seen by millions. This

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Ways to Improve Your Video Conference

With the world fast becoming a global village, teleconferencing has become the new standard in business communication. Nowadays, many businesses have opened branches in different cities or continents, and teleconferencing remains the best way to get in touch with the management of various departments at once. The importance of video conferencing cannot be overemphasized, and

What to Do With Podcasts?

Should you be listening to podcasts? If you want an easy way of digesting news while walking, exercising or commuting, yes. If you like to be entertained, whether by comedy, fiction or documentary, while working or commuting, yes. If you just want a form of media that won’t take too much effort to consume, yes.

After Alex Honnold, What’s Next for Free Soloing?

Free solo is outside the bounds of reason. Even applying Albert Einstein’s philosophy on insanity to justify free soloing, you’re guaranteed to ask what the hell is happening. It’s not that it’s unbelievable; in fact, what is happening in front of you is very real that you’d wish it to be not real. To the

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Why the Super Micro Scandal Means a Bad Day for Chinese Mobile

Most people probably would never have heard of Super Micro, a computer components manufacturer based in San Jose, California. But their anonymity was pulled under them, and unlike a well-executed trick, almost everything on the table fell over. In one of the most ominous developments from the tech sector, news came out that they sold

The Realization of Imagination: Video Games Becoming Novels

There are innumerable moments in The Witcher 3, a three-year old low-fantasy game, where you would just stop and admire what you see. Take riding into and around Toussaint for the first time, for example. It’s a duchy unmarred by the war going in the game, and it could very well be the definition of

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