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Simple but Useful Ways to Improve E-Commerce Customer Service

It’s easier now more than ever to put up an online store. You can create an online storefront complete with payment and logistics using a website or e-commerce site builder. There are online stores where you can buy materials in bulk, too. If there’s something that continues to be quite challenging to perfect, however, it’s customer

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Digital Marketing: A Guide to Enhancing Customer Service

Starting a business in the digital era requires you to adapt to fast-paced changes brought by technology and modern innovations. You need to come up with quick and effective solutions to ensure your business will keep up with the digitalization and modernity in various industries. Without proper tools and a lack of implementation of modern


Professional Photographers and Making the COVID-19 Pandemic Work

There’s no arguing that the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy for people who are part of many professions. It has done a number on people who run all kinds of dining establishments, first of all. It has even done a number on people who work as photographers. If you’re a photographer who used to work


Making Your Mark as a Digital Freelancer

We live in a world practically governed by the digital landscape, so countless jobs are produced simply from the requirements of the ever-expanding space it takes up. That said, this broad field also means a market populated with tons of competition out there and a need to cut above a constant barrage of media and

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Establishing a Global Brand Using Strategic Marketing Tactics

Building a global brand is an excellent strategy to ensure that your business upholds a strong reputation in different parts of the world. Promoting your brand in other countries will help you gain more customers and increase brand authority. Unfortunately, not everyone can implement a successful global branding strategy. Some companies struggle to get the

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Life Choices in the Time of Coronavirus: Should You Start Selling Online?

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, eCommerce has become a more favorable option. In March 2020, there have been a 21% increase in online shopping and 25% more page views, as compared to the same month last year. This shift in the eCommerce industry is mostly due to being confined at home, especially since 41% of

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Marketing 101: What Not to Do When Developing an Ad Campaign

Marketing is a gamble. The strategy you develop and put out to the world may or may not effectively spread the message you want to send to your target consumers. Often, the campaigns that fail disappear from public consciousness without a trace. However, sometimes, brands fail so badly that it creates controversies and turns groups of

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What to Say and Do during Online Video Interviews for Jobs

Companies are hiring even amid the economic damage COVID-19 is leaving. Some 57 million jobs in America are at risk, from reduced hours and pay to permanent cutbacks. Yet some businesses have found a way to hire talent for remote or part-time work. And that means you’ll likely still get calls from hiring directors arranging

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Flower Power: A Hobby You Can Turn into a Business

Plenty of leisure activities quickly transform into a money-making venture. But few have the enchanting effect of floral design. When you arrange flowers, you’ll feel less anxious and depress. A Rutgers study has shown this hobby has the power to lift emotional health, adding its impact on intimate connections. Who hasn’t cracked a smile when

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