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Myth Busting: Beliefs about Social Media Marketing

You might think that social media marketing’s humble origins started in the biggest social media platform—Facebook. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Even if the platform boasts 2.23 billion monthly average users, it wasn’t always that way for the social media giant. In fact, social media marketing’s roots can be traced back to email marketing. With

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Content Quality Matters: The Worst Mistakes in Digital Marketing

If you are trying to promote your products by solely investing in social media’s paid promotion, you have to step back. Investing a high budget on paid promotion is good if you are trying to gain brand awareness. But it doesn’t mean you can neglect the quality of your content. You can create hundreds of marvelous

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3 Major SEO Tactics to Drive Website Traffic

In today’s highly digital world, businesses both big and small can no longer ignore the role of search engine optimization (SEO) in marketing. However, its dynamic nature can make it harder to maintain high rankings and stay competitive. Search engines like Google are constantly evolving and nobody really knows how their algorithms work. Gone are the days when keywords

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Protecting Your Organization’s Data and Security

Today’s modern times has us living in a digital world. Problem is, even in the virtual realm, we are not free from the criminal minds of people with immoral upbringing. Even organizations, small and large, are vulnerable to security and data breaches, which can lead to severe consequences. According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations

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To Market on a Budget

Marketing is a vital activity for ensuring business growth and sustainability. There are many ways to ensure that you can sell your business without having to spend a ton of money. If you’re tightening your belt (and who isn’t these days), here are some useful marketing activities that you can do on a low budget: Check

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How to Cool Your Portable Laboratory

Laboratories, as you are no doubt aware, have to be kept at a cool temperature. The integrity of your experiments depends on the environment you’re in, and if conditions change from day to day, your data could be affected. Most laboratories are cooled by window or split-type air conditioners. Centralized systems aren’t uncommon, but with

Recreational Activities You Can Enjoy during Your Free Time

Knowing how to balance work and life is vital. You certainly need to work to support your lifestyle, but paying bills should not be your only reason for waking up every day. You also need to enjoy the beauty of the world and take part in fun activities as well. This can be on the

Finding the Right Balance Between Work and Life in the Pandemic

The pandemic has brought us to a whole new experience. It gave us a roller-coaster ride ever since it started. It challenged us on many aspects we never expected, from our personal lives up to our work. It gave us many perspectives, which lead us to realize plenty of things in our lives, families, and

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To Advance in Your Career, Be Prepared to Go Against the Flow

Water moves from a high place to a low place. Historically, this has been a good thing for people who live downstream. The first civilizations developed around river valleys for their fertile soil and easy access to drinking water. Anyone who tries to make water go against gravity will find it difficult. You need packaged

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

According to Statista’s data, media device usage increased during the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic as countries around the world started implementing lockdown and social distancing regulations. 70% of the total population spend at least an average of 3 hours a day on their smartphones or other mobile devices. It has been months already since

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